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Energy Efficiency Certificate information:

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Attention all property owners,

As of the 1st of June 2013 it has become compulsory for all properties that are for sale or rent to obtain an official energy efficiency certificate:
An Energy Efficiency Certificate is a certified report that explains how efficient a property is in terms of energy consumption and efficiency in an attempt to reduce unnecessary carbon emissions.
This is extremely important as there are huge fines for non compliance.

The following rules/exclusions apply to obtaining an EEC:

1. Any property that is advertised for sale must obtain an EEC
2. Any property that is advertised for let for longer than 4 months must obtain an EEC
3. All new constructions must obtain an EEC
4. Properties that are let for less than 4 months do not need to obtain a certificate.

How to obtain an Energy Efficiency certificate:

Simply drop us an email at info@just4sales.co.uk , giving us your permission to act as your representative and agreeing to the cost detailed below. We will then immediately make an appointment for your new EEC. If you are a new client to Just 4 please also add all your contact details so we may call you directly in case of any further information required. Just 4 have employed the services of experienced qualified engineers authorised to issue Energy Efficiency certificates. For your peace of mind, Just 4 will oversee the engineers access to your property and will remain on sight during the inspection process, we will also arrange appointments that are convenient to tenants (where applicable) Once the certificate has been prepared it will then be registered with the ministry of industry and will be valid for ten years.


1.) For properties up to 100m2 the cost is 140 Euros plus IGIC this fee covers the engineer and our administration.
2.) For properties up to 300m2 the cost is 230 Euros plus IGIC this fee covers the engineer and our administration.

We look forward to your confirmation, once received we will book an appointment for your property and have your certificate ready here in case of inspection.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us on:

0034 928160518

N.B This is extremely important, please do act now and don’t leave it to chance as there are huge fines for non compliance.

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