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Why use Just 4 to find a rental property?...


With Just 4 you could choose your property and have the keys the same day!

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Resources for Landlords

Step 1: Valuation

The Just 4 team will discuss and assess your expectations with you and determine the market rental value of your property.

Step 2: Presentation

We will discuss and advise you on appropriate positive changes that may need to be made to your property. Presentation and first impressions are vital to the success of your property viewings. They don't need to be big changes but the small details can make all the difference!

Step 3: Marketing

At this stage we will implement the marketing of your property, for Just 4 this means much more than Just a rental board! Your property will appear on our website with full colour photographs, maps and details, be included in our extensive magazine campaigns and sent out to specific tenants who are looking for a property like yours!

Step 4: Viewings

With Just 4 your potential tenants are always given a fully comprehensive viewing with detailed explanations of your property's features, emphasis to the property's strong points and information on local services and amenities.

Step 5: Tenancy agreed

When we have found the right Tenant for your property, we will then legalise your agreement by preparing a tenancy contract which will be signed by both parties.

Step 6: Completion

When the tenancy contract and property inventory has been agreed and signed and all monies paid in full, your new tenants will receive the keys to your property and your home is rented!

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