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When looking to finance your new property, there will be many different options and types of mortgages available to you.

At Just 4, we are happy to advise you on the package that will best suit your individual requirements. By working in conjunction with many reputable local banks we can help make the purchase of your new home as easy and trouble free as possible.

Documents you will need for your mortgage application:

  • Passport / Residence permit / Spanish Identity Card of applicants
  • Tax Declaration (P60) for the last financial year
  • 3 latest salary slips (employed workers)
  • Proof of other income, if applicable
  • Declaration deed for new building from developer (new building) or property deeds of the current owner (second hand home)
  • Private sale-purchase contract or letter containing offer
  • Proof of income tax payments made during the current financial year and declaration of assets (in the case of self-employed or independent professionals)
  • N.I.E. (Foreign Resident's Number)
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